At Call Taxi Chennai, we have made our time to your driving needs. You can choose the services that needs according to situation. 24-hour service.

  • Short & Long Term Rentals
  • City Tours
  • Airport Transfers
  • Railway Transfers
  • Corporate Rentals

Track Record

Today we are one of the leading and rapid growing taxi services in Chennai. The most preferred cab services are ours because of timely service and quality which we are providing to the customers. Apart from public services we provide quality service to well-known IT companies, reputed BPO and other organizations. We provide travel solutions offers from normal package to lease depending on the need of the customer. Customer don't want to pay extra fare other than tariff which is displayed in electronic fare meter.

Quality Control

We are provides one of the best service for that we regularly upgrading our quality of service and take predetermined steps to understands the needs of the customer. During training session we provide smart training for how to write and speak. Apart from that we conduct smart test under psychology, traffic rules, basic knowledge of road and we import necessary disciplines such as good dress code, communication, do's and don'ts. We train the drivers for how to behave with the customer for that they undergo disciplinary training so that our end customer will be satisfied. Our drivers undergo verification process namely police, bank and other process before they joining here.


We have one of the best surface transport systems in India as we operate like a hub i.e. centralized Control room filled with the latest wireless communication set up and mobile phones for instant communication & faster pick-ups with the advanced software & hardware. We have tremendous back up of all the data's it can be done both manually and through database backup. In Call Taxi Chennai all guys are trained and are committed to deliver excellent and pleasant taxi experience to the commuters in and around cities. We always make sure that the commuters experience with Call Taxi Chennai remains the best in all Our company is well equipped with the latest hardware systems and its own 24/7 call center numbers( where anyone can interact with our call center executives for various queries. The vehicles are operated by our control room, where the drivers receive the data or message of a customer by GPS or through SMS with the customer address and phone. In order to avoid any piracy and safeguard our customers can receive the driver's mobile number with the call taxi number (Which is in number plate). So customer/driver can get in touch with each other.


We have varieties of cars and cabs. We have Luxury, AC& Non AC cab services for varieties of classes of the customers.